Music Notation

We get all kinds of music through the year, from rock to pop to classical, care patients just talking about music, rappers speaking in threatening lyrics only to come away from the mic and be introvert, and of course hip hop guys, who talk the talk after the recording has finished, its not often i get to have a discussion regarding musical notation history, if a song is to be repeated it needs recording and there isn't a day goes by without critic A or critic B linking the master piece you've lovingly shaped into the pigeon hole of " its a safiatic melody from pre mixolydian times or some such balls. When know-alls like i've mentioned pipe up, i like to either answer meaningfully or do one & leave them to their quandary.

Here's a few pearls from where notation began, & its families.

Cuneiform created in Nippur (Iraq) Hymn to Nikkal

Greek Church Cantor (n.b simile to Arabic which is separate from islamic text )

Byzantine Clerical Melody (395- 15C) Arabic Prototype

Κύριε ἐκέκραξα