A review from the past

In 2001, our studio name was "Funky Town Studio" Phil Hutchinson & myself wrote a tune called 'Satisfaction' (latin for enough its derision is hanging in the etymology books we had no reference to the Rolling Stones Marlborro Red ode to the mid-life 50's 60's people hassling them to listen to Mainstream Dixieland or Eddie Condons hot 5 with Red Mackensie or Sophie Tuckers Yanow etc)) When DJ Jamie Richards listened to the acapella , his suggestion was we form a duo and do a Dance 130Bpm mix in style with the line of nightclubs he Dj'd in , Broadway Ealing, Hed Kandi , i don't remember the places they were all sweet based etc. Our first Single as Studio 76 was "Set me free" (vocal from Denmarks Susanne Rye) signed to 1044 records Swindon.

The Original Satisfaction was at 116bpm. It had a drum machine sample & was a different flavour to the Smoking' Beats release. Heres the review from DeepVibes Deutchland