Beginners intro to Guitar

Playing guitar

The two motions required for playing guitar are quite simple to get across. The up and down right hand (for rh players obviously the reverse is true for Lh players) & the left & right if the left hand for note choice or chord or barre etc.

Dead easy ? Wrong. The motions need to be suited to music style & your choice of guitar effects the spaces between frets & height of frets.

The up & down strumming motion is the easiest to learn first. A stiff but not too stiff forearm and a flexible wrist a good starting point. As the plectrum or finger nails pass the strings lightly press them in the direction of the sound hole to make the strings play.

That's all for now.

Nb. Keyboard is just up and down, if you don't count the Korg Joystick whamm bar invention.