New clients often ask "what can i do to protect my music" ( ie ensure that it is not copied, stolen, or sold without its creator re-numberated - is that a word?) & the next question is usually " should i join the PRS organisation ?".

To define the legal terms in nice & clear language is difficult. Usually the first thing i say is " aren't you putting the cart before the horse " Get your music finished, completed, mixed & mastered…. and do not worry about leaving it too late to make-a-wall-for your copy-protection-rights.

Joining a union ie the musicians union, gives you guaranteed legal support up and too a finite amount.

Put a timer on your desk whilst your worrying about copyright. Right down the amount of time. Add it up. Go over it again. See what happens. One can waste hours of time worrying if your music is going to be nicked! (not a new term to those of us in the 1990's witnessing the vinyl robbers , & sample CD warriors in action)

The very same people who ask this question, sometimes, not always, have ideas of creating dance music with disco,EDM, tech house influences drawing strongly from a limited pool of 4 on the floor kick drums, pea soup hi hats, synth breaks & who knows what road works drill etc.

I'm not qualified to defend a copyright but my advice is to STEAM ahead and get the music performed, recorded and assessed ……