the music goes round and round

with the reoccurrence of the Vinyl scene we've been unearthing our old records and discovering some gems. Currently on the wheels of steel is Johnny Leyton and the innocents "speedy gonzales" ( Kaye-Hill-Lee) a tune from the sixties by a popular band. In the early 90's i used to DJ regularly in nightclubs ( Cafe de Paris was probably the most recognised venue) but during the millennium i decided i'd had enough and took a backseat and took a boot full of my old Vinyl to the rubbish dump. I still remember the household waste guys faces when i was unloading about 5,000 records into the tip , " those are beautiful " he said " you can't through those away" , alas i did and i offered them to him for nothing, but the good news is there is a load of space in the loft and shed now, the bad news is i can't remember the name of the artist who created a drum and bass tune at 165bpm that was just a horse neighing for 5 mins over a very heavy drum beat with no other instrumentation. The upinshad Kandar 2:6 LP is also in the tip.