Steve Burner session

A few weeks ago some of us met in an internet chat room to discuss collaborating on a concoction of Shirley Bassey's called, "burn the candle at both ends," the big band sound had aged poorly and steve was inclined to record a DJ version in '2-step- style. The inducement being if it ever gets to 3-step then scream ' Lewis Hamiltons not racing in Monte Carlo this year' The absolute crack on this camp idea being just lunatic enough that most of us in the chat room thought it could be a total waste of time, but forced with the truth that if we don't record anything then when the next months gig comes along we'll just have to play our familiar pop tunes we thought lets do it.
Initially a 'Lilo Schiffrin' Bass part was created semi tones 1-2 1-2 1-2 creating the aggression whilst the kick remained on 1+3 leaving 2+4 for claps etc.
Then a Moby 'go' twin peaks pad was added on 'classical gas' violin settings. Hose didn't like this one cause it clashed with the fender guitar he'd set up what seemed like 25 years ago, and maintained if we keep the speakers clear of those dodgy classical gas string parts the guitar will fall in our laps.