Filming Video's

The Truebelle's Girl Band (3 piece) recorded their single,'Mister Nobody' here between June & July. The accompanying video was shot at Malcom Ryan Studios last Tuesday (19th). The largest shoot by far for a Girl Group we have recorded

A crew of Lighting,Cameraman,Choreographer,Director,Stylist/Make up,Sound,Rigger. There is a lot of space in MR studio 1 for 3 girls (like a separate compound) and the room is all painted white. Walking about you get dizzy in the corners,there is no sense of perspective, white everywhere.
Arri lighting ( larger than supertroopers ?!??#?! , not sure how to describe other than a bomber plane could be spotted by one ) & runner were on hand to provide water as the temperature under those were incredible, the coffee spoons were melting without dunking them in the cups! (actual fact)

The girls shot together for a few hours then the camera man removed the tripod & began hand held shots, individually & as a group again. Break for nosh between 1 - 2 pm rapped by 6pm.

The footage now has to be lined up / synced with music and 'cut' to the directors vision, hopefully i'll be sharing that with you asap.