2002 He's Mr Mann (not previously of Victoria RD Eastcote!)

The verse begins, wanted by the queen of the nile, because its looking like a one night stand,
then the chorus is a repeated because he’s Mr Man, Mr Man , pay him for….. etc
Lyla had been home to Australia via Thailand & had been singing the mantra “He’s Mr Man, Mr Man for the 10 or 15 hour flight” Tapping the rhythms on her thighs with this instrumental banging along on her walkman

We never actually recorded the full vocal , it was one of the last things we wrote together in 2002. We had a nasty sax part written for Tom Brocklebanks (ex shine), but the break in the track never emerged and it remained without.

Looking up at it now the 128Bpm tempos okay possibly a notch fast, it’d be cool to add to the space effects & spring reverbs. The takes we have are slightly operatic in a happy open throat, if we did it again then closing the mouth a little and softening on the belted lead.

Enjoy the instrumental