Elfish Story

Do you have an Uncle who isn't actually an Uncle, you know its easier infect its probably safer in public areas to use Uncle , much in the way using Sir instead of Mister focuses the attention upon the delivered instruction

I had an uncle who used to record the radio, upon his death I was offered the recordings, I thought the trotters Solomon mines and the Japanese you keep it, it gives you cancer and opted for the Japanese , remember him as he was not for the radio recordings he made.

If you consider the number of radio recording collectors i think that idea peaked in the 70's 80's with the arrival of the affordable cassette, if there is a begrudging inpatients towards not keeping memories, least in 2020 the internet provides evidence of all of it.

That Uncle often watched Dr Who until it became too naff, I hadn't a Jimmy riddle what he implied but his four walls were often a place i could drink tea, fall into a sleep or use his phone. He had Michael Caines Ipcress file too, but whilst i knew him , never had a job.