V Short piece on why you shouldnt 'give back' birthday gifts

Ten years ago now, at a celebration of my thirty something, Sean Whittle gave me a CD of Chichester Psalms, covered by a conductor i didn't know and an orchestra i'd never heard of. I'm not a great fan of the later psalms i believe they're the Turkish 50 ( Psalms are created 50,50,50 Greek, Hebrew, Turkish ) with only 2 , 23 covered else where and the 23rd unfortunately is only a funeral standard.
Any how on the way to Market Harborough a few months ago i found the CD i'd lodged in the boot after that night out at the pizza express & i thourghly enjoyed the whole disc. I was much closer to his father Tommy, from the Jack Parnel band, Tommys last story to me in 2015 was of Bob Burns and a certain solo at the Elstree Studios, & unfortunately its far too rude for me to print out here.