Dr Quari Younus

On the 18th May 2009 Dr Quari Younus travelled from Pakistan and arrived here to record 4 hours of the Quaran with two assistants. Recording the Quaran in one or two hour excerpts due to the breathing correctly and right administration of breath this took over a few weeks. Forcing the notes out after an hour gives painful throat and we had to stop because of the obvious discomfort. The dry signal was a bit rich , in post production we 'washed' the lead vocal with Lexicon 480 reverb on a setting to Large hall & safe to say Dr Quari was very happy, there is a lot of bad new about muslim Karan & whabbissim with syrians knocking down temple where sefer yitzereh architecture once stood place , and terrorist attacks, id like to personally add that the Dr's company were very 'safe' and i enjoyed our recording, none of it i understood because of the farsi tongue or urdu but here is a short excerpt from the session