Late 80’s ,early 90’s ,Dance + music cross over

most of my late 80’s and 90’s were spent in record shops , Vinyl Mania, Naked, Suburban Base, Unity Black Market,Plastic Fantastic spending #£30 a week on vinyl in the house, dance, nu-beats, hardcore, jungle, garage, spar-rage (grammar people NOT disparage) etc of the hundreds of labels at the time with only 10 to 15 to 50 releases XL records and Rising High (Holland) & RS (Holland) were the most notable. The 10k records i amalgamated from this era were delivered to the household waste team in 2000, I lost complete faith in the music, the 8min versions and 6 as a minimum 12 mins from David Morales very common had facilitated very long club nights from 10am through to 6am but this all required extra energy and attending the gym had gotten tiresome, seeing mates have episodes and breakdowns due to consuming to much err water and being concerned for my own health i decided to throw it all in the bin. It seems XL records survived the jump from Hardcore Jungle with artists Ed Sheeran & Adele edging away from the 9pm-6am rave scene to ply at the talents of infused guitarist and pedal looper ED, and bonified supreme Adele. The underbelly is still there with Mo’wax Johnny Haywoods new-beats shows and the manifestations of trap, Down Beat and Drill. The USA hooked along the time line of this couture during Englands obsession with one direction , the DJ Skrillex took over the USA rebooting the rising high, RS sounds with FM synths instead of Analogue and nefarious grid aligned dubs and drones instead of Akai oozes and start and finish times.
Someday I will finish off the knowledge of Ibiza in 80's Balearic beats, Hacienda, Camden Palace (Lenny Car Door "oi look at this prat in his Scottish trousers") coming of Fantazia, Dreamscape, Lee Valley Trading estate Roller Disco Enfield, (Leah Betts:() Regals, the Starlight, Bar Rhumba, Hammersmith Palais, & Fountains Mill, but right now i'm glad a label such as XL, took the substance and knowledge from crowds of people and fan movements away from the 9pm=6am ers to music with players, musicians, tape operators, techs and 4min mixes. The live element of a show makes light of a month without pay or searching for work. It's a one off it can only be recorded after that night, it can be a reassembled song already composed but live music makes the world go round

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