Soul Fest Nine Nights (Southbank)

Enjoyed the premier UK screening of Veronica Mckenzies Nine Nights at the Southbank at 15:30 , the Metropolitan line had planned engineering works from Wembley Park to Aldgate & I felt blessed to of arrived on time via the Jubilee line even if it was only a minute and very few seats left.
Nine Nights was written & directed by Veronica divining the premature death of her mother & how she coped over the African (? Might not of heard it correctly) traditional morning period. The 99 min film followed lead 'Marcia Haines' through the traumatic grieving and psychological disturbance of denial disbelief & distress of walking away from her brother Michaels road collision & her subsequent coming to terms with relationships between her Mothers family. The Father had left earlier and wasn't represented but is called into the storyline several occasions with the sisters explaining their past.

Having recently performed at a Haitian funeral featuring the screaming section where the relatives scream emotionally at the open or closed coffin and the congregation shout and the spirits are quenched with airs of pain and tribal angst (If you've seen On Green Dolphin Street or Live & let Die your way over doing it, there's no intentional sacrifices to Gods or Voodoo to appease possible future deaths or claims.)

The approachable dark humour demonstrated Mckenzies coping and community spirit was displayed clearly in the locations and within the audience. I felt Diane Parish could have entered any of the scenes at any moment , the soundtrack featured beautiful arranging and compositions by Arhynn Descy (South African?) & I wish Veronica & her team the upmost success at securing UK cinema distribution.

Nursery CrYmes


Industry entrance fee's , education, relevance , style, appeal, live music venues, recording qualities

Room Sound

Room sound in captured sources , the colouring it effects on quality and perception of value of the recording


Tabloids wellfare, protection, balance & captiol.

The arrival of tabloids,

All media is pretty similar wherever you post preach or publicate publish your efforts, it’s sticks, it can be questioned, revoked, entwined, litigated etc.
In the 50’s, possibly later, I’m not going to do research i'll just presume you’ll go with 50’s and meet half way, tabloids existed to seminate news, effect current business employment and general work affairs.
(Probably marriages family relationships and mental health too.)
Anyone who haz ever read a tabloid cover to cover (when eating food or drinking, people alone need distractions in caf
és or dinners you get the gyst) will know not all of the media is derived (in at least that moment) to appear completely honest or good natured if that’s balancing interests of the general editorship, (but not redressed against stronger stories then pieces of the illusion begin to not add up) it becomes a campaign to keep from going under.
Marked by just about all industries as armoured plating to succeed, media is important in passing information to those in your market.
I’ve not written if they’re desirable (Tabloids) or useful, it’s an acknowledgement of balance and protection .
Attempts at continuity to live well (
and in good mental health) appeal to me in the general sense of enjoying a laugh, joke and not screwing over those whom may be clutching at straws, counting down their last chances or in situations you would wish not to be in.

Use of Semantics in Industires

lets look at the extensive use of semantics in the film and press industry

Actor ? decides to announce to the worlds press he has been forwarded to represent ? in the new chain of Universal / Vivendi Films

He explains the audition process, he talks of experiencing nerves of entering a new establishment and finally explains his hopes for the futures for the x number of movie deal.

Is there any use of semantics in that paragraph, or hypothetical situation?

none because it is delivered from a single point of view, for the above to be semantical a second view is required if you look at this in elements if the two elements you have are fires then they are in agreement and there isn’t much to disagree with or for arbitrary parties to discuss outcomes, but if an element is air and an element if fire then the air will be feeling the fire and there will be a sudden increase inflammatory comments.

Thats all for now folks but if its interesting buy my pdf available from the mix store.