December 2020

We do record all music

A Clip of the three of us putting the H in Muhammed

or use your own description

Just peaking in

20th Century Viv

20th Century Viv

Current Covid Guidance

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How is it the simplest minds offend creators ?

Difficult question to post if you aren't the driver of the car, some people like the music playing whilst driving, some prefer silence, could it be rephrased sweeter ?

"the investors mind capitalises upon the simplest idea to match pictures becoming ideas following employment of skills purchased from people who posses said capabilities"

it's not a beautiful way of formulaically turning out hits its a kind of model that can be followed then mass produced. However it's described most creations if singular increase in perceived value, but maintaining the individuality is a team effort cries the investor.

More chains of crastination coming….

Cool Cats Communicate on whatsapp? Flafel

So its queer all these methods of renaming a one to one conversation method, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime , MSN IM Whatssapp ,yada vada yada

Accepting branding communication devices has advantages or you might find disadvantages to gender related boxing of subliminally storing fashionable ideas in the exact same way a trouser wearer implies one communication over a skirt wearer, lets ask is tech branding interesting?

This question is free to answer, and the services mentioned free to use, just venting some stored up misogny as a way of killing a bit of time,

removing the extension 'Soundflower' Succsessfully

Pluggo's soundflower created for OS 9 was useful in channeling audio application signals to the internal built in audio inputs & outputs. Mac OS9 wasn't able to patch from one app to another, allowing the inputs and outputs of the built in card to be shared.

Below are the instructions to uninstall soundflower as the problem was resolved in OS X.

1. Download the Soundflower installer from this link (copy and paste (cmd c cmd v )

2. Open System preferences and allow the installer to open via security and privacy

3. Click the uninstall soundflower script

4. Run the script

5. Restart

Solitary Cupboard (never read back)

What does it mean to idle away your years

speaking only to yourself under your mask

terming it spirit or maybe this

or lords who have some claim over nothing

it couldn't be pleading for mercy

but answering no call

perhaps its graceful

reflecting upon old insults

or weaknesses only seeing

in the way it is written into your roofless heaven

it is all it ever was que sera c'est finito c'est tout

read it back or honour your initial house

handing old deeds out

apart from blocking or using the needle

to open the old bottled steamer

its probably best , under no duress

to leave them as notes

for the lefties that disguise there righties

meaning you only for the sake of precaution

show contempt if you've found this little taut Flaubert

to fill out the distance of the rubbish you took out of them