January 2021

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Still in the proverbial dark re UTD v Liverpool

Bit of something alternative onto the blog today, yesterday a huge match took place Man UTD lined up against Liverpool, i'm stuck here in crappy Ickenham and I don't know what the final result was ?

Various lines down, telephone, email, internet, computer, next doors doorbell , even the postman new more about soldering stereo TRS than the winners

Can anyone use the form & let me know ?

Andrew Lloyd Weber & Tim Rice et al west end musicals

The question often dividing musicians or writers with families, mortgages cars and children is out of the twelve notes do you actually own any of them ? No, its the regular and the credibility of the style in which music they regularly perform. For example in most cases (or all) after leaving a west end musical its possible to align one of the themes to yet another completely different popular theatre show set in a different time written on another date and by a completely alternative composer But its that very knowledge that underwrites the ability for those musicians, actors and writers to stay employed even against the often belligerence provided by reviews associating one with the other.

Until 5 guys named Mo (Short for Mohammed the post 500AD prophet icon) arrived in theatres old Father Thames 1933 or excuse me 'Ole Man River' (Showboat) 1936 was the only rhythm and blues entity to provide light to residents of an inquisitive nature. Then the Blues Brothers, then Michael Jacksons Thriller or I think the Lion King was imagined before or East Bombay Dreams. Its about fifty miles and one hundred and fifty right hand turns out of my spectre but its all very googalable.

Awarenesses of the early musicals from orchestras to tin pan composers was prevalent amongst orchestral musicians. The players often stating fruitiness at the very near relationship of one motif to another or usurping they could make a better go of it themselves but even if just sticking in a unified line that the first to strike is the only opinion worth its sight, its a time made implication and its better if its expanded upon after.

In the 1960s the rhythm and blues (black) impersonators bought records from America and covered the songs in caverns or islands or in pubs clubs small and large venues.(Dixieland, Hot Sevens, Trad, Steamers, Basin St, - Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Waller, Scot Joplin etc yada yada) These impersonators then developed their own style before facing those dragging at their heels in remarking , and fighting the issue that the roots of the originality now made those below them in effect fuel for the fire. (Commercially in thea bigger picture displaying the rise in awareness of its genre and sphere) The commercial ruination of owning the identical notes of one style would be the final straw in many friendships but it wasn't until the 1980s (after the disco and punk revolutions) that we arrived at the sampling & ownership emporium delivering class based, court sanctioned action, to over rule and maintain property at the betwixt of the territories legal system and cowboys with contracts that claimed rights in territories known as the universe or any other place where life existed.

Simply put, media distribution became even more affordable. The walkmen, the radio transmitters , the explosion of American broadcasting network channels, clearly offering any message to any viewer with the down time to pick it up.

I haven't vented all of the ideas I will eventually go on^ to explain and outline but for now i'll finish with, " if you look into anything for long enough you find its reflection," but positivity of being amongst your happiness is easily over ridden by subscribing to making comments outlining how 2 other works reflect very closely to one other person.

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