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Ten to Twenty

the difference is ten, it is not difficult to accept, a more difficult concept to explain would be the person who says the difference is 9 or 11 or 2, that kind of response either shows someone attempting to illustrate another more private issue or somebody giving their not quite accurate opinion on something they wish to come in on.


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Helping out in difficult cases.

Apologies for the grammar i am a semi-pro thinker working on my completely original (its all been done before) research for new material, I am not one of those bash you to death religious people but i do like Bach, Beethoven & Brahms

Now and again I play for the Catholic Churches in the local area , St Josephs, our Lady of Mary etc this began when another local musician offered my services to the priests for wedding and funeral services.
Dissimilar to other denominations of the new testament based faiths and those that drew their argument via new prophets from the initial work that disagreed with their use of slavery in Africa & use of multiple wives instead of the covenant of man & woman, I can't digress on that for now.

The north south border in Ireland fuelled many information or news networks to use there air time focusing that Catholic meant IRA or European ETA (Spain ) violence organisations.
(the forgiveness of the priests, bishops and nuns which reaches absolute Titanic forgiveness) They do nothing to dispel this magical dispensation of protection offered if you attend the flock of said priest,
Some might say this encourages valid artistic gambling, par example using the scripture, offsetting everyday overtaking of others in business or holding people to account you might wish hadn't called you this name or that name.
For example if you write novels & you wish to use a character based on St Martin Cloak (a monk in Tours (France where i spent years in my youth) around 361 Anne Domino … at a time you'll be in need of the clergy to offer you information dates, reading material and possibly their time to facilitate your writing.

In most cases & especially those in the military towns of the north of England or Scotland the most often quoted information of the Roman Catholics is the Henry the XVIII's argumentry issue with the Pope in the 1600s , or the travellers associations (Jesus if he could nip out of his fire & explain to them might close arguments but along with every person I know id rather not open out that bloody eras discussion.)

Writing this note for my web blog for those who find themselves offended at the word 'Catholic' or for those who like to outline fiction using the testament narratives like the Judas Kiss & spend their friendships highlighting 'difficult errors' in other peoples relationships. Its mainly children but if you've ever been in the awkward setting of consoling people who have deceased relatives or need help with depression caused by their living arrangements then you'll of experienced the 'pinch' of salt you might need to accept some view points.

When playing any of the organs in the area I usually am offered payment but occasionally its left to 'your new or the cheques in such and such town'

I hope my little piece here dispels for those who are superstitious or are from Denmark or Norway or Sweden etc where the pagan humour is so strong they are quite the individuals & as much so that 'anything can happen or they'll let you do whatever you want'