June 2020

My Old Tape bin - Male, Female Ettiquette in using Lyrics

Covid 19 has provided ample time to open old boxes of session files & learn about what was missed, what was gained and so on.

Much as looking at a picture from a wedding or birthday, family social event , your first car, your last picture of your Nan, the only picture of the school drug dealer who the boy who became a policeman uses as a joke every time you see him in the supermarket etc.

Forgive the last 27 words they are a curse upon society where the short pleasure of a few breaking the law provides a lifetime of press and paper for anybody who doesn't abide with Abrahamic code. You can be the best lesbian, queer, trans, black, Chinese, different, self employed, non 9-5, etc but if Jesus, Moses, Abraham or Mohammed didn't write down 2 packets of rizla's green weed, white powder or brown block here endeth your childhood.

Anyway the nighttime industry allows me the ink to type that out and move on swiftly.

Here is a racist conundrum for you : A male in 2005 writes a title, as 2005 closes the song is recorded, placed via the internet & begins swirling around & doing what it does. A Female in 2009 brings her song to the males recording studio & using her money pays for drums and cello to be recorded onto her song using the same title , much different in the content and body but as the titles sit in the windows filing system they sit together, ( it only being incidental the male is white the female is black)
The success of the songs is kind of identical, the four years after that identical words were discovered irrelevant, do you find anything unique or fluid in this, is your artistic antagonistic side flared by two identical words used by two different sexes sewn into a wearable discussion or a waste of material ?

It'd be great if you want to write your name, ideas, financial, ethical or just about anything towards your alphabetical nature of the two titles existing together….