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Springing towards British Summer Time

Bright spells arrives very quickly in England during the arrival of spring. Our Kamikaze Blue Tit is missing the bird box by yards and we are very surprised it hasn't knocked itself out on the glass, which is very much to the pussycats delight.

Politically we have been inundated with pamphlets concerning HS2 & elections. Its interesting the main thrust is usually from the conservative parties right "have perfect manners and etiquette" then how can you be without good conditions , but we still want to align our name conservatives with your surname, & the left , make certain you have employment, minimum wage,(are you sure you aren't a conservative its quite easy to match your profile) don't owe anybody & let the management of wages be our problem.

Musically our portfolio is expanding in quality not quantity, all of the CO-writes, Library, Songs etc have received re-mastering, plenty of extra encouragement.

The Artists using the space for hire, recording & mixing continue to make crazy synopsis of their ideas & we still meet somewhere in their favour.

Not much to add other than if you keep making & buying records Ill attempt to listen to them.