The Force of Words & who was rude to the book keeper

What do you find entertaining in your thoughts & actions in life ? Do you hold your words in ? Do you keep your words private or do you need to quickly share every thing you see & read & pass on.

Do you pass it on for the labour of love, do you pass it for prophet or do you expect something not quite that easy to equate a value too? (13)

The first knowledge required in understanding a new person is their name, for an orphan that will only be their given first name & not the blood given family name, more of which we will address in another blog.
For 9/10's of people the family name is set by blood & each of the letters in it offer nothing in the way of options or choices. The first name is the opportunity to baptise & educate who you are.

Lets look at the major continents of the world, 20% of the people speak english, ( it is illuminating that only 13% of Europe speaks english )

Most countries use statute law & some use religious law. The bias is sexist between these laws. All regions governing countries via religion invoke male domination sexually over women

In approving the interaction of people in law obviously the statute countries do favour free thought as to associates & there is not much governance as to the relations between those.

Interestingly these methods of law will affect the behaviour of those who seek business opportunity interacting with other people ie selling tickets or media.

The Statute law features no names, for those who have seen oceans 11, the las vegas casino rats doing a "Michael" a "tony" or "Rico" or "tipsy Susanne" are completely stifled the laws in statute are governed in codes & the ability to seek help for legal aid or invoke defence is only triggered by action.

The religious laws use the scrolls of the past (14) invoking testaments from Abraham or the 4 gospels (15) using names held in modern times quite often used to name people (16) this never works in statute schools with students preferring dick head and the like to make gay of what some use as the fear of earth mother coming to keep their dead & reclaim the air you breath.
So if your wife in religious law refuses you , she may fit the form requirements for stoning or purgatory or even divorce, the religious law countries usually posses a verve of wider intimacy, the man who greets you at the airport in some very strange manner seems to know the woman who serves behind the counter at the hotel where your room key is held.

Where do religious & statute laws devolve relationships ? Thats another blog.

(13) no equatorial country ever snows
(14) Ethiopians Ge'ez script (stone tablets you can't dress in them , maybe you can)
(15)of the 4 advantaged saints and the 8 not as well held to be known as good spellers,
(16)though the superstitious believe it cautionary if you do due to the afflicted whom receive the rattish ideas their prophet says can be made human.