September 2019

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Relationship forge does rhyme
if you scratch above
The air compresses
sealed clams open breath and close
uniquely no recovery
food or good wishes
would be provided when,
nobody is invited

Laboured podge or the teachers using children as hodge
witness here
your union won't keep it clean
death of trees and birth of seeds
ultimately, one gives, one kills,
but up and down is a judges promise to mal-create,
atrophy of the soul isn't wise to large in gait
hey-ho if it helps we'll pro-create

Enjoy free information,
use what you can
but tonight matthew,
now then now then i can't speak
its a surprise surprise


Building Musical Confusion by Creating New Instruments

The FM synthesiser created in the 1970s or 1980s in Japan it brought digital "analog" waves usually made from simple electronics components to a number of Ones & Zero's paraded on micro chips operated by an operating system creating smooth (kind of) waves.

The Sine wave is a 90 degree tilt left S when viewed at the correct horizontal vertical plane. It was ignored in the 50's by Dr Robert Moog in favour of the Triangle wave. Dr Robert felt the Sine wave lacked harmonics when filtered and resonated & could just as easily be emulated with the triangle which brought much greater harmonic dissonances useful for percussion and manipulation.

The Japanese near Mount Fuji (i'm inclined to believe its just a presumption) created a mixing block feeding several sine waves into a mult creating digital musical noises so feared by much of the orchestral world of the time due to employment concerns


Employment concerns often ring alarm bells of war as regional sections of musicians put up fences protect their sources of income & count their blessings they won't end up knocking on the synagog asking for a loaf or leg of chicken.

For the sake of "Hammond organ players" et al, here is a quick outline


(A Sine wave is an up and down cycle of a single pure oscillation, the Menorah 7 candle holder is architecturally constructed of descending 270 degree tilted letter C's
((if these were to be played as sine waves the phase relationships of the musical note produced would be very out of phase leading to the 'almost sound of silence'))
The Sine wave synthesiser is just a synth creating machine not a Japanese attack on the freedom of the Hebrew numbers book or the whole tankah created at Mount Sinai its merely almost identical words to describe worship process and creation of musical noise process

Carl Nielsen " I Love the vast surface of silence; and it is my chief delight to break it"

Sir Carl Davis was quoted in the Guardian ": You are of no account whatsoever "

J. R. R. Tolkien once said " May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks "

Importantly musics fruit is only tasted inside the ear , Dancers & Performers movements & shapes essentially outline their personal version of their reaction to listening, perhaps just enjoying their thoughts not what the music composer assembled.

the assumption of faith witin tradition (missed the H dont kill me)

At times of the year , calendar etc groups or whole countries celebrate not only the birth of certain people (who definitely existed) but also traditional faith based parts of year or calendar ( the existence of these people is not the debate). These regional festival days include education, employment, laws of conduct, sexual relations, and all information too numerous to list.

It would surprise me if anybody under the age of 10 or 15 didn't comprehend that already.

The assumptions i'd like to outline are the effects these faiths existing in the same country do to the people within the region, in which they fall into
1) Not particularly interested in new old or such the like.
2.) And those who do wish to celebrate according to tradition or regional beliefs.
3) the friendly people who just like everybody

As i write it is acknowledged before Israels Abrahamic creation (derived from existing material (off miracles) but exists independently enough to file in the 'original thinking' category)
The zoroastrian, Hindu Vedic systems include many interesting concepts but for this reason or that, its value is not perceived to incubate modern ways of living so much as the Abrahamic three. Abraham, Constantine, Mohammedan.

These three (ignoring the irrespective Hasidic or church of England or romany etc) its often presumed (recently in Terry Hayes wonderful I am Pilgrim) that the development of material increases the irritation of those not wishing to acknowledge increased definition of older ideas.

It's true if you worship an idea for living & refuse to let in the light of older or newer ideas you begin your personal wake towards the dawn of anti-social temperament.

What do the tribes of Israel actually want to smile about ? Is it necessary to learn the whole tanka of this & that war disaster or elimination. Can a Muslim truly empathise with an alcoholic in need of support or a substance abuser close or edging towards the thistle of destruction? ( The Mutha or Sharia Law provides the sexual abomination) Can a christian ever switch off the fact names of the old book can exist independently from 'their stereotype of enchantment two thousand year old themes)

My interest is ignited in the development of each strain, its gender relation & what happens when later process's choose not to do that in the genesis of inception forming in the Abrahamic trio a trident (yes a word created before Mohammed had his big idea to reinvent the way of life ( the violence endlessly outlined in the first two does incline me to agree but switch on the TV & witness mujhadeen or ETA or Daesh & you'll soon believe i'm milking sympathy)

So what happens when you build a way of life or process of living & divorce certain elements in favour of more suitable elements ?

The very start of this presumes you are okay with acknowledging the initial creator as on 'Pole' if you can acknowledge this but need to instantly pull off a thought that 'yes but it was wrong' you criticise your own belief as you speak.

There in lies the civility of decorum that controls the ultimate bondage which formed many wars over many years.

Decency prevents the initiator from requesting repatriation or reward and knowledge prevents the later from disproving the initiator has aligned incorrect elements & obviously cannot be kept in its current state.

Many will keep the Moses chapter in their family, Those who build upon the Q'arran will keep the elements of intricate analysis & removal of 'stimulation aids' including the eyesight of women.

What makes this lonely person who knows all these people but wants to live fifteen hundred years in the past choose a career in shepherding others & appealing them to live within their laws ? Protection,? Insurance? Knowing it's right ?

Plenty of songs clang on from relationships , faith,?( I think if Eddie Cochran was alive today he would have called George Michaels Bank manager with quite a huge rit.) Jobs from 9-5 don't have room for these protracted weighted ancient incubations, the loudest sigh goes out at a sports match when anybody mentions 'a book'

Will leave it there , it needs finishing but I am prevented from doing that now.

Brahms & the troubles judging by just two.

Brahms, Schumann both interest me , crypto logically & definitely in recurrence of inspirational themes. The early romantic era brought grating intervals & the theatre of aggressive techniques.

During the bloody messy destruction of the Napoleonic conquests including much of the European continent, the texts both Brahms & Schumann read whilst not composing (or walking down the street) brought the era's fascination with letter cryptology into the musical sphere & was predominantly demonstrated in Schumann's The ABEGG variations.

The power of two quavers or crotchets is introduced in the opening chop and change of the few seconds of the Abegg. It shows the strength of 2 notes played in sequence. Schumanns choice to use pairs instead of triplets within the measure of a beat or the given time may illustrate how he wished the instrumentalist to play & judge his ebb & flow not in chronological military tempo (ie to match or polka) instead in a semi somnambulist performance.

The power of two is an Achilles heal for the analysis of right and wrong. Two is a crowd is a saying often avoided in conversation, bi-partisanship is the initial inertia to invoke opinion but if there is no third person to veto the left or right, up or down, positive or negative, logical or reverse logic, face about face, diagonal left diagonal right etc then no decision can democratically be reached.

Thus at any price or value its fare IMHO that Abegg is the most relaxing piece of well-tempered clavier music ever.

A PC's worth


Robert Mugabe (Rhodesia , Zimabawee)

My computer reinstalled the first draft of this and i lost the initial thoughts of the idea that summarised exactly my concept, much to my bother i am now attempting the remembrance

In the Nineties I enjoyed learning the principals of Jazz musics inception of classical romantic composers of the late nineteenth century, whilst the extremely influenced creativity begat serious mental problems i appreciate the colour argument, where predominantly Black musicians pioneered the extreme mixing of the melodies of the great classicists

(not litigate-able due to X but with the 12 note option many legally inclined do continually press for - funds have been incited to build cases over & over again)

From the above statement I spell out how I initially included Robert Mugabe's vilification and death cults that persecuted the white farmers of Rhodesia with Japanese style tortures. The aggressive dictatorship provided some hope to Africans who believed the white peoples way of making things, reading things , civilisations all predominantly imported from the Roman expansion of Europe and several landmark innovations. Sadly as Mugabe would say were made by white people.


Jazz & Blues music held high the flame that originality with a twist of using romantic composers sharpened eleventh lines, disharmonious tonality, Schoenberg discontinuity and the ilk.


Just as when a musician outlined there are no wrong notes in Jazz, therefore creating a lawless wildfire of interpretations so Robert Mugabbee concept of dictatorship opened slews of dead bodies torture and i will kill that person if i want

To Be Continued…………….

There are many authors to credit for this blog post. Henry Mancini , Britannica encyclopaedias & Peter Godwin being some of them.