Ramadan 2020

This year 2020 i partook in Ramadan. (in UAE time)

I wished to observe it using the 4 hours ahead, mate what for ? you might ask after. I'm not sure how you hold your faith but since travelling to the UAE region, i find it quite easy to imagine the time zone the sunlight the folk and the ambience there. After all there's no holy sites in the UK about the text & the miracles. And of those carrying on the message after the event their sermons often shift gear through BC AD + GMT so anyway that's where i held ramadan 2020.

Sugar played a huge event in the twisting of the stomach in the most hungry times. Removing sugar in the second week made daytimes less frantic but more lethargic. The taste of food was so sweet once sun went down, thank god Mohammed was not into sadism by fasting for weeks.

Motivations were drinking fruit during the day instead of eating fruit (65), drinking milk as a food substitute, ( i never actually did that) My temper , mood and social interaction was less gentile often snapping in hungry angst. in the final week i was used to the timbre & avoided where i could meeting or discussing things that were not urgent.
I wondered the motivation for Muslims around the worlds interpretation and how Jewish passover is not maintained within Christianity yet revived under Mohammed, after christ.

Glad its all over now, Happy Eid & peace be among you all