Selecting topics for songwriting

"In times of trouble mother Mary calls to me"

Paul McCartneys classic edict citing the new testaments Immaculate mother Mary as inspiration, holy, forever abundantly, gifting her spirit of life upon sweet baby Jesus, never doubting, nor questioning, his mothers gifts, diligently & effervescently using his own talents, to heal the ill, the blind, the lame, the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the weak, the list of these and the accompanying metaphors could cover 99% of all peoples ailments, and certainly does give spirit to those in times of trouble. BUT Paul McCartney is not an ecclesiastical artist, he doesn't go out to preach the gospel story or ever mention this regularly in Interviews, yet the lyrical framework of the masterpiece 'Let it Be' owes its hewn nature to earlier writers, or transcribers if you wish, dogmatic copying and clergy, week after week preaching the message to maintain Paul McCartneys lyrical presence in our consciousness.

If you were to pick a picture of your friends girlfriend from facebook write a 12 track album using the images and any other coercive information to bolster your weave, such as relations or sons or mothers or even plants you've bought, would you be using words, messages or themes that are 24/7, 365, 2018years hammered out by people you never donate time to or need to keep your songs validity in perception of 33% of the world, (2.4 billion) with 16% of those catholics, upon which Mary is maybe as high as Jesus in certain states in the USA.

This is not a call to buy a bible assimilate any of the figures and process a song modelled on those legends, it is however a subtle form of guidance for those looking for topics upon which to write songs, the two paragraphs above can be summarised in ' choose a deep framework or platform necessary to give the foot of your song a steady heal to keep its lifespan relevant, and do not use a social media trend or family members journey or experience'