apraxia & my cousin in-law

Do you know what apraxia is ? I don't myself the best i can muster is a really severe Laryngitus, My cousin in-law has the condition, also a heart murmur and apart from that is full of life. She's not the only girl in the world to have the condition, but she's always the only girl (apart from when visiting the hospital) in the room with the condition. I wouldn't know where to start on the possibilities of operating to cure & its probably impossible, new people often look at her when she talks like a Dalek they don't know how to react instantly, its not a monster they are looking at its a very pretty young girl but her speech is computerised naturally. Down sampled quantised ZX spectrum cassette tape like if you remember those from SFX. I've not mentioned her name but if anyone can help lift her spirits etc please don't hesitate to fill in the email form & drop me a line. Kind regards Matt