We'll do it my way or no way sessions

What happens when you record small groups in close space & your faced with dilemmas in recording the band 'the guitarists' way detriment to 'flow' and fidelity. Firstly in 2017 the fidelity part should be of concern only to the 'anoraks' or those who feel the 'music' part is not worth discussing.
Gear lines are of such high quality now that recording multiple sound sources in a close space , separation will be minimal & your best is just that,
three separate booths with wooden beams and acoustics free of sine wave resonances or unwanted ambience aren't for project or small group studios.

For me I try and polish any artists work as best i can, I once took objection to being told i couldn't play a James Taylor reference track to compare tape levels to mastered CD levels, in recording though these small quibbles are forgotten instantly and never though of again.

As far as surmising atmospheres 'after the flare up has calmed' sitting either side of the table doesn't always work, now and again you need to do whats right, pull a 180 go back and start healing old wounds, its not easy to do that when your pen can't find the words that are rite.