many years ago

Beginning with our first deal in 1999, there's not been a worse manager A&R man than the 'life's too short' episode.

The song written for Graeme Suzuki ( obviously different name ) is the feelings of me having a beer whilst belatedly viewing him using heroin from silver foil and a flame below igniting the rock making vapours providing him with I don't know what. Graeme was light puffy faced lacking pigment in his skin & frail, slow to react, morose yet smiling widely. The image wasn't easy to forget, but writing it in note form then into music dissipated an image I disliked insidiously. But you ask isn't composing melody, rhythms & barre chords only making poignancy stronger, & there is the psychological benefit from talking, safe bet theres nobody who want to be reminded of 'that time they knew needle man' or being the user themselves and up pops facebook photo of them or song they recognise being themselves, yet its not an image i wish to meander, keep faithfully, persevere, possess or demonstrate later in life.
And that's the truth of my little shelved song.

I see you looking at the first sentence thinking holy exploding cow, thats nothing to do with the first sentence, but pour your Bacardi, and hear its end.
The worst A+R manager ever listened to the song thinking, he's written this about xxxx xxxxx' and I could get xxxxx his rival something in the making if I promote it like that.(earning their piece of the pie) Regardless of how the song was hewn. Thats the media's worst angle its presumption of only one target, discipline guides us to presume its highest member is our obvious chosen inspiration, sadly its just something I once attended based in a vision upon metaphors then expanded. Very few listened to it, I know one or four remember it & often raise its hook in passing.

In no way do I intermingle this using the senate[h reference of the fallen in war often intermingled with the ex-street knowledge but I acknowledge that is possible if you wish to disturb.