Packard Ring "weapons"

In 2010 we made a record featuring Rupert Packard, his usual hat is a school teacher but he wrote this amazing song called "Put Your Weapons Down" A few months ago we undertook a review of the lyrics and the team and i focused on the line "Cause the streets are filled with rivers of blood, urban violence and modern disease" It rung 2 bells for us, The book of Enoch (a Fallen Angel and omitted from most libraries) and Enoch powells ****y speech in Birmingham causing delirium and paranoia and a real perception of threat from residents. The book Enoch was written 300 ish years before the New Testament and includes almost verbatim Ruperts lyric. It bothered us that the illusion he was creating could be aligned with a mega racist like Enoch Powell, but we did unlock a mystery as to why Enoch quoted verbatim, using the religious text to 'lean' on upright convictions of the religious community and underwriting insurance that these very cool minds would not instantly flare out and call him for what he was.
Also it didn't entertain me as much as the beat did when we recorded it. It floats as a song but i think people prefer their lyrics without blood curling quotes from school teachers.