Another thing

Because you can't remember it exactly should it pertain you do not need to or you are not necessarily ideal or other people will not notice.

Its possible to copy such implications, searching perhaps not for the next job, but only the next problem.

I know if you cannot exactly do the thing it forms the necessary doubt in defining this is different from that, its that, that makes live music appealing to the entertainment sector creating unique ambience opposed to musky old smoky crumbling slightly cracked situations that often get labeled 50's UK concrete block architecture

But perhaps that places to finer lens upon one thing opposed to experiencing something.

So Lol that moment in time as you think, i can't be bothered to remember this just to do that or nobody is ever that alert or bothered its simple easy thing , a little rain on football day never hurts or some such inkling never give up but don't roll it over.


Black Friday Karma

Who has the soap ?

Do you find karma humorous, 99% of people feeling or possibly being told they 'look' depressed the following advice is dispensed " laugh more, why don't you smile, you always looking at your shoes, keep your head up and your eyes to the skies.

This exhausts the natural ambience or the very core issues many want to discuss and many avoid. For all in love and war is not fair when beginning and ending from the same position, The very first example of support is woman 1 supporting Man 1 , this is usually 'mother' and in some cases 'wife' but this will betray the unwritten code of in this relationship its not to display distraction or discordance or dissonance

Anyhow not to kill too many associations this is genuinely , possibly, could be where dictators maybe shaped or sympathisers trodden upon.

The natural equilibrium of a city is much different to a village, and one county may be garnished with excellent scenery but another connected via fast roads.

These are usually judged by independent bodies qualified to measure, so Berger alert, how do you raise issues of health over wealth, long over short goals , finally being observed over being traced. Well, I haven't an answer in one sentence, one region or one thing to follow.

the tea is still luke warm , i'll sign off now , finish this as + when the ebb + flow fits in ,

Model Grand Piano


Elfish Story

Do you have an Uncle who isn't actually an Uncle, you know its easier infect its probably safer in public areas to use Uncle , much in the way using Sir instead of Mister focuses the attention upon the delivered instruction

I had an uncle who used to record the radio, upon his death I was offered the recordings, I thought the trotters Solomon mines and the Japanese you keep it, it gives you cancer and opted for the Japanese , remember him as he was not for the radio recordings he made.

If you consider the number of radio recording collectors i think that idea peaked in the 70's 80's with the arrival of the affordable cassette, if there is a begrudging inpatients towards not keeping memories, least in 2020 the internet provides evidence of all of it.

That Uncle often watched Dr Who until it became too naff, I hadn't a Jimmy riddle what he implied but his four walls were often a place i could drink tea, fall into a sleep or use his phone. He had Michael Caines Ipcress file too, but whilst i knew him , never had a job.

Live Media

What would i be describing here ?

its below sixteen feet

followed by shadows of unsuccessful arguments,

its petrified by boring repetitive invocations

it cannot help reviewing from who has and who says

but inside it says its only and all to improve another not itself

Clue : it can probably be rewritten better but only a trainee fool would ignore some of the onlookers