defrosting the usual .....(covid-19 post)

Five months after the first lock down a couple of new recording features, plenty of re shaping old tunes, re micing guitar parts, replaying bass parts, the optimistic say another four months, meaning nine months and the lock down will be finished, life could get back to normal again and the suspicious face masks in the draw, for good, i have no record being right on covid predictions so take my advice but refrain from putting your trust in it.


Patches (no cure)


There's a thing, a pride in the 'right' sound , it is like the first man on the moon, or the best star wars character in the playground or the nearest guitar for the Jimi Hendrix solo or the best plastic kit for the unique John Bonham room sound. (Hassle hustle etc) The invention of synthesisers & then memory in the 50's caused a shift from choosing the "Steinway sound or the Bosendorfer sound" (
if you had major label support or an Australian benefactor,) to the invention of alternatives, analog sounds with memories. The memory meant Instead of the snake patch leads, a tiny cube of RAM holds settings of VCA LFO ENV OSC VCF CV FM TRIG PITCH (yawn its quite technical) with one press all of the snake patch leads are recalled just as if Bob Moog himself had set up your keyboard for the next overture of Bach.

So not only would music composers be required to think of notes, rhythms, chords and percussion, patch names for synthesis became part and parcel of the incarnation of works that could be reproduced by other artists.
With the invention of sample & hold of analog oscillations came the revolutionary idea of capturing audio in samples. One key performed triggered reproductions of essentially what was another persons job. Ideal if cost cutting or floating new projects with limited budget or experimenting to find if the concept was viable. Of course these one key wonders introduced chains of degradation, loss of earnings in manufacturing, the demise in being able to create the original sound the original way ,in so far as the short cut made "grope" sound like "fondu", the difference in wave strength is akin to having a picture or not if your tv aerial or satellite receivers not working.

My Old Tape bin - Male, Female Ettiquette in using Lyrics

Covid 19 has provided ample time to open old boxes of session files & learn about what was missed, what was gained and so on.

Much as looking at a picture from a wedding or birthday, family social event , your first car, your last picture of your Nan, the only picture of the school drug dealer who the boy who became a policeman uses as a joke every time you see him in the supermarket etc.

Forgive the last 27 words they are a curse upon society where the short pleasure of a few breaking the law provides a lifetime of press and paper for anybody who doesn't abide with Abrahamic code. You can be the best lesbian, queer, trans, black, Chinese, different, self employed, non 9-5, etc but if Jesus, Moses, Abraham or Mohammed didn't write down 2 packets of rizla's green weed, white powder or brown block here endeth your childhood.

Anyway the nighttime industry allows me the ink to type that out and move on swiftly.

Here is a racist conundrum for you : A male in 2005 writes a title, as 2005 closes the song is recorded, placed via the internet & begins swirling around & doing what it does. A Female in 2009 brings her song to the males recording studio & using her money pays for drums and cello to be recorded onto her song using the same title , much different in the content and body but as the titles sit in the windows filing system they sit together, ( it only being incidental the male is white the female is black)
The success of the songs is kind of identical, the four years after that identical words were discovered irrelevant, do you find anything unique or fluid in this, is your artistic antagonistic side flared by two identical words used by two different sexes sewn into a wearable discussion or a waste of material ?

It'd be great if you want to write your name, ideas, financial, ethical or just about anything towards your alphabetical nature of the two titles existing together….

Ramadan 2020

This year 2020 i partook in Ramadan. (in UAE time)

I wished to observe it using the 4 hours ahead, mate what for ? you might ask after. I'm not sure how you hold your faith but since travelling to the UAE region, i find it quite easy to imagine the time zone the sunlight the folk and the ambience there. After all there's no holy sites in the UK about the text & the miracles. And of those carrying on the message after the event their sermons often shift gear through BC AD + GMT so anyway that's where i held ramadan 2020.

Sugar played a huge event in the twisting of the stomach in the most hungry times. Removing sugar in the second week made daytimes less frantic but more lethargic. The taste of food was so sweet once sun went down, thank god Mohammed was not into sadism by fasting for weeks.

Motivations were drinking fruit during the day instead of eating fruit (65), drinking milk as a food substitute, ( i never actually did that) My temper , mood and social interaction was less gentile often snapping in hungry angst. in the final week i was used to the timbre & avoided where i could meeting or discussing things that were not urgent.
I wondered the motivation for Muslims around the worlds interpretation and how Jewish passover is not maintained within Christianity yet revived under Mohammed, after christ.

Glad its all over now, Happy Eid & peace be among you all


when i say "it will happen here"

It could mean anything if you don't know what to look for,

Maybe its commenting about the left right balance

Maybe its the placement within the room

It could be if added together there is silence

Like you may not get from a to o without seeing e

its probably only for you

if you want it my way

if you need to make it your own

its fire, brimstone,

but remember before you publish your complaint,

you may want a feminine feel rather than tank shells,

well, its a bit colder now, then, to be sure.

Vokra Skoll brust