keeping up with the blogging

Figured the blog needed another test test test test test post


My first royalty cheque

It wasn't so long ago, it came as a very 'nice' surprise & gosh it wasn't a lot only £6.36 but it does prove that if you keep music alive and play it right you can get results.

Middle Tri-bolt Universal mount

this universal assembly is successful at removing vibrations,

Fingerstyle or Plectrum Strumming ACG

Not entirely clear how this discussion began, however last tuesday we were recording guitar, just me and the guitarist, after what had to of been 30 goes in a moment of clarity Jim moved from 'fingers' to the 'plec' and it brought the part from only 30% 'yeah' to just past 90% IOHO , needless to say it finished on the plectrum but this is an invitation for any of you guitarists to write in and continue discussing if you so wish. Kind Regards, Matt


Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, stocks arise!