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Last month Kobe Nalah Pacca has recorded music for his film including putting the live Nadaswaram & Nyckelharpa tracks to key songs in his 'Pretty Baby' biopic - Port of Stone, Glass of Envy

The very short feature isn't yet open to all comers but he is hoping to schedule a 'blooding in' screening around Croydon by the end of the year. The very simple music was recorded over a week and between him nipping to finish his shopping list & my very busy mixing schedule i think we may have possibly finished at this stage until Kobe clears an edit suite for final lock to picture, which i'm told can take a nightmarish amount of time.

Hoping for a footage review soon & if at all possible it will get posted on here asap.

(All details not confirmed & no finish date or release planned) November 2017

1999 Sloane Squares Session (whippendale)

Here is a 1999 session with the Sloane Squares covering Mötorheads "Ace of Spades"

It was quite a hearty squeeze to get the full band into the 3m x 2m x 1.5m room but all manned up and many a foot was trodden on !

#TBartist Sue Conwell & Jackie

Sue and Jackie

Susannah's Sting group recorded amongst others the Karl Jenkins Classic Diamond Jingle "Palladio", ((featuring a somewhat slowed down version of the glockenschpiel riff from John Barry /Shirley Bassey composition from the OST of Diamonds are Forever))

#TBartist Seyi Martins

seyi martins

Seyi Martins recorded session drummer James Titchell here in our live room for her mini album. The rest of the instruments were tracked (& double tracked) in the songwriters studio in Twickenham. 2011