My Irish Information

Some family tree websites divine Condon as of Irish decent, like O'neil, Murphy or O'Hara. I tend to agree, there are the extremely educated who can draw the family's raised forehead to Norway and Scandinavia but i'm afraid most of skull analysis and bone texture moves the goal posts from family chosen, given or altered name to blood type, bone mass and genome indexing.
With UK withdrawing from the EU at present i'd like to illustrate how quiet the northern and southern Ireland divide has been. As a lad the Brighton and Canary Wharf bombings turn my memory banks over,then along came Tony Blair and in my late twenties early thirties the divide was almost forgotten. My Grandads anger at a family friend for a Marrying Northern Irish troublemaker telltale long forgotten, but its a memory i can dwell upon. Many times i've thought what they're fighting over, sovereignty &, independence , but what interests me as much is those people with whom the opinion is to flare a given chain of thought from reality or they're take on reality to the outlandish, biblical and obtuse.
If a northern Irish wants to preach sovereignty and feudality within a monarchic system, I'll listen, If a Southern Irish wishes to explain invasion, i'm happy to listen. Those whom wish to cloud the territorial issue with that of ecumenical i'll listen only as long as they withhold from telling piousness can only be provenance for one of them.
I'd go to Dublin tomorrow & have a beer with Dick Massey at the Marker, Chew the fat about Bristol & even help pass abakebabra keeping to only chilli sauce no mayo, just please don't ask me who is right!

Selecting topics for songwriting

"In times of trouble mother Mary calls to me"

Paul McCartneys classic edict citing the new testaments Immaculate mother Mary as inspiration, holy, forever abundantly, gifting her spirit of life upon sweet baby Jesus, never doubting, nor questioning, his mothers gifts, diligently & effervescently using his own talents, to heal the ill, the blind, the lame, the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the weak, the list of these and the accompanying metaphors could cover 99% of all peoples ailments, and certainly does give spirit to those in times of trouble. BUT Paul McCartney is not an ecclesiastical artist, he doesn't go out to preach the gospel story or ever mention this regularly in Interviews, yet the lyrical framework of the masterpiece 'Let it Be' owes its hewn nature to earlier writers, or transcribers if you wish, dogmatic copying and clergy, week after week preaching the message to maintain Paul McCartneys lyrical presence in our consciousness.

If you were to pick a picture of your friends girlfriend from facebook write a 12 track album using the images and any other coercive information to bolster your weave, such as relations or sons or mothers or even plants you've bought, would you be using words, messages or themes that are 24/7, 365, 2018years hammered out by people you never donate time to or need to keep your songs validity in perception of 33% of the world, (2.4 billion) with 16% of those catholics, upon which Mary is maybe as high as Jesus in certain states in the USA.

This is not a call to buy a bible assimilate any of the figures and process a song modelled on those legends, it is however a subtle form of guidance for those looking for topics upon which to write songs, the two paragraphs above can be summarised in ' choose a deep framework or platform necessary to give the foot of your song a steady heal to keep its lifespan relevant, and do not use a social media trend or family members journey or experience'

Reflections on equality

Recently discussed the effects of reflection, here are notes from the process.

Can a person understand other people if we do not see these people in our reflection? To understand a lie or how a notion lies in your mind or soul if when we look in our reflection ie in water or any natural reflective surface (or obsidian etc, lists of three or four items must be possible but for now i will only list one) and see the resemblance or the difference in return. (kept it as natural and not glass or mirrors to respect the naturists views)
For me race blows this thesis to smithereens, it tears at the very notion, & leaves us in no doubt that if we look and see eyes that are narrower or skin that is much lighter we instantly splutter at creating a pure mind potentially integrating discourse immediately. This is obviously only true for conflict or dangerous liaisons, in a less tense situation such as the beginnings of infidelity, religious piety or divorce the words used will be only accented in description of difference.
For examples tattoos if i were to get a breast tattoo at the age of twelve or thirteen of an arm or needle or record etc firstly it would be illegal for the tattooist but it would also change every twelve or thirteen year olds impression of me.
Homosexual Lesbian partnerships & weddings will see this in everyday living. When they purchase their milk, loaves, beer wine etc 98.8% of the people serving them will never of reflected on the emotions of loving relation, intercourse or exchanging body contact. It is possible 90% will have never thought of it either.
This leads to a catchphrase of mine " words are my weakness" Music is my first language in that I mean not the crochets, hatchets or signatures of manuscripts written but the otherness of what one thing may mean. The musical scale contains 12 semi tones (24 if you include 1/4 tones often illustrated in Sanskrit or other oceanographic countries in Asia). Of these only 8 will feature predominantly in a piece of music or section of music termed as beginning and end or whole. The average sentence will be 15-20 words 25-33 syllables or 75-100 characters derived from 26 letters (46 if asian), already over 3 times more tools than the musical equivalent. So as a musician listening to spoken word occasionally the attention fails, and the melody of the spoken word is brought into focus, cinematically enhancing neither meaning or understanding but the raw timbres of the persons throat, pharynx, epiglottis, mouthal cavity etc.

A Rare opportunity

Rare opportunity to gaze into my lyrics store

“It’s Getting clearer as my eyes are getting worse, the less i see the more i knee you.”

Chords in F#


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