March 2018


Olaf our DIY kid on loan from Douy Martyrs has nailed up (rather hastily if i'm honest) these Japanese Empire & Israelie Hebrew alphabets for me. I'm thankful for not doing it myself, & if i speak frankly it could be just from where they were filmed ,anyway not wanting to be derogatory only to view the grapa-heme's but it never fails to raise a chuckle how free work can be critiqued


V Short piece on why you shouldnt 'give back' birthday gifts

Ten years ago now, at a celebration of my thirty something, Sean Whittle gave me a CD of Chichester Psalms, covered by a conductor i didn't know and an orchestra i'd never heard of. I'm not a great fan of the later psalms i believe they're the Turkish 50 ( Psalms are created 50,50,50 Greek, Hebrew, Turkish ) with only 2 , 23 covered else where and the 23rd unfortunately is only a funeral standard.
Any how on the way to Market Harborough a few months ago i found the CD i'd lodged in the boot after that night out at the pizza express & i thourghly enjoyed the whole disc. I was much closer to his father Tommy, from the Jack Parnel band, Tommys last story to me in 2015 was of Bob Burns and a certain solo at the Elstree Studios, & unfortunately its far too rude for me to print out here.

Grumble, its wipe the bottom time

Quite snowed in here with only the internet and housekeeping to fill this morning, welcome to my world…..