Truebelle's End of Summer update....

'Mister Nobody'

The track has been re-mixed 3 times & along with the original 'shakedown mix' placed with Radio & club DJ promotion team Power Promotions.

The re-mixes commissioned were created by Full Intention , At Night Hi Fi & Marc Beignet & Element Z.

Mister Nobody is receiving radio play from RTE Pulse 'Twilight' show on friday nights , they're based in Dublin I think & a show called 'Floorfillers' is supporting the bands first single. Seems to be ringing a 'bell in Ireland & there may be others but i have not been made aware of other plays.

The accompanying promo video is still in production.

Abadabacadabaara …….

Plagarism - contd.....

If my last blog about plagiarism interested you, go ahead and google the song " For Once in my life " there lies a tale EVERY songwriter should be weary of…..


A brief note on wires & wiring. The best possible signal path is the shortest & a material with the highest conductivity. The wires at Abbey rd or SARM are usually custom made to order by their techs, so to assimilate a top flight studios wiring is not possible off of the shelf. The most cost effective method is to solder the cabling yourself but if thats too much hassle then look to brands like Van Damme & Sommer. We have the swiss VOVOX cables for our microphone but the rest are Van Damme.

Guitar Amps and Software Models

Get than Van Halen Guitar sound with software the adverts bark at you, it looks so easy. Load a soft amp, plug your Gtr in and play….. if only it were true ! Software amps and headphones have a similarity in that you need time to get used to their sound and the tones you should expect from them.
Guitar rig is not going to put you on an even keel with a stack of marshals wheeled out in Town House studio, in fact you'll get called an arse if you suggest to any producer that you can.
The software cuts out some of the intricate and impulsive engineering reactions to mic'ing a guitar cab, namely phase, tone and amount of room sound. The creative options are endless with software and a good plug-in is a good investment, but that 5 min guitar part knocked up in amplitube will not fool a red hot A&R guy who can spot a turkey sound from 150 yards, ( a euphemism , but still descriptive )
As always the main thing for achieving your ideal combination of depth of tone and finance is to carefully plan your recording budget.