February 2019

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Teddy P Biopic

Teddy Pendergrass Biopic

His voice was a silk sheet to tens of thousands of Americans, but he didn't get elevated to the dizzy heights or have the 'X Factor' till Shep Gordon redesigned the model of business from 'Sheps Serious Business Plan'

It's not as Black and White as the above headline, Philadelphia International records, Salsoul the mid-west coast dance floor social culture knocked away at their scene for years before the Major promoter nuked their artist into the dizzying heights of continental success. (Sheps business model fired Alice Cooper into the octosphere) A large shadow cast over the spirit of ecstasy badged Roller accident. Police found tens probably hundreds of insyncrocys with the necessary steps to make a lawful decision concerning responsibility.
Teddies voice at the Live Aid performance had pleasure it had joy it wasn't from his boots sadly and he would never elevate his chords to where they were with full use of his body.

The musical tribute from his band of session musicians was heart felt, RIP Teddy P (Soul Extraordinaire)