03/04 Playing a Devil

During end of 2003 beginning of 2004 I wrote this country & western kind of Jaming thing. At the time i was composing house music or R&B & i wanted to dab my pen slightly north of my usual sphere. Graeme Davis helped me out on vocal, the whole bottle of Jack Daniels endeavoured to deliver a fun day also came in handy for Finbar Campbell to slide the guitar. I'm obviously not a "Country Boy" a "Devil in Disguise" or Jim Steinman , and on this last listen i noticed a few rhymers have slipped the nets. Explanatory note : Elvis died four days after my first birthday, in 1977 he was 42 and had been eating a burger on the toilet according to legend. This a Robert Johnson spiritual of communicating with Elvis on the "Dead line" is far fetched fun for not to avidly correct jokers.

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First Record Deal

When 1044 records chicago dropped us for set me free , we were lucky to get interest from 101 records, they gave us a chance, sadly the single and the doo doo doo mix didn't go gold or even sell more than a few thousand, not a true original lyrically or musically, borrowing a mousse T loop from sex bomb & a Darren kay trumpet riff Dj Jamie Richards & myself ended up learning more about ill equipped record contracts than live PA's and appearances on TOTP's

Pieces of a Dream

This 1998 Darae Palmer vocal was never released. It was recorded over 60 hours in whipendale rd at Lapaar Studios & part of a small album. The points based contract couldn't be settled & was never signed. A lot of copies were delivered & gospel choir hired. the 2nd time lucky rule also didn't help :(

For Those interested

Heres how "Relax in Satisfaction" was delivered to Smoking' Beats Records Luton 2001. The Re-mix then began. None such representation of the music, keys parts, chords, 116Bpm tempo etc remained apart from vocal.Due to Smoking' Beats Paul Landon . He also shortened the title to just "Satisfaction" Not our idea of a unique or explanatory title of what our song explored,

Andrew Nicholson Livings Not the Same Without You

a friend of mine recorded this not too long ago, hopefully you can surprise him with a follow

I had a dream

Another from the depths of archive, Val's (Pizznaz & Freespirit) lead hasn't dated at all
dual eventide 949 was widening the lead, for now its just clean as is no verbs. Shared via email with friends at the time of writing, but it got shelved because a mixing hold up & probably other priorities.

Back & Forth &

Back & Forth the Dove flies (the only one she will ever hold) mix 88vr / opened the lid again on the mix & decided to remove it from internet for now. Internet is logging in okay , bandwidth horrendously seditious

Spoke to Helen & Eddie, we found a recording made 15 years ago at a songwriting surgery for misbehaving children. Heres the recording Xavi and Isaac mixed it on the laptop, Leonard got the teas.

the DYN and eq were all in the box, some outboard i can't remember, but not a lot.

wanted to post this today but the mix won't upload.

I found another title " Silence is killing me " in a similar state, lyrics are by Natasha Andrews, music by me. If Back and forth is in the house music region, then silence is a military rockier song (minimal artistry of creation but maximum compression on drums and tough as nine inch nails)

Once internets sorted i can get it posted. & the wording checked



Hot Rods, drummers and repetition.

Radio 4 has a regular slot hosted by the impeccable Nicholas Parsons, where not one excessive use of stutter or repetition is permitted, its called 'just a minute'. An Interesting recording call a few weeks ago reminded me of the programme. A Drummer from Walsall drove over to record 'blues, reds and other slow fast light scenes' A comedy record for a library label he had previously recorded hypnotherapy pound shop cd's and various regional titles. Every track we recorded over the four hour session we stopped for a discussion "Do you think Hot Rods or Sticks ?" As we sipped our water forwarding the motion that sticks would be to loud for the simple backing and the recording levels were matched and there really is no need to reorganise the drum set for sticks, we would then try the song on sticks, play it back and decide on hot rods. I will mention no names but it was an enjoyable session, so much that i thought the Blog number 25 should be dedicated to its outcome.

Creating a natural non-linear reverb

Creating a natural non-linear reverb (originally made famous by Mark Crabbe of Burnley electronics team AMS Neve) with the bottom snare mic (bs) plugins : gate ,pitch shift, delay, eq

Gate to set the length of the bottom snare mic to be effected

Pitch Shift to set the non-linear pitch and length of effect

delay to separate the bs from the actual bottom snare mic

eq to settle the effect into the drum mix

Unsigned truebelles