February 2017

In the Studio, new raps & mixing singers (Snowing outside)

Friday 10th February 2017

Its snowing quite lightly outside, its quite a nice backdrop to the vocals we are recording today.

Since our last blog we have installed 2 new delay units a Korg SDD-1000 & TC Electronics D-Two. The Korg a slightly more compressed sounding circuit with a hi-cut for the regeneration or feedback control useful for the U2 type sound from their Windmill Lane Studio (Dublin) recorded Joshua Tree album featuring the classic delayed guitar intro the edge carefully crafts cross rhythms and feedbacks.

The D-Two is a Danish made digital unit very similar to the TC 2290 but with a different HED or faceplate. Too many feature to list an amazing capable unit.

The Charlie Watkins WEM delay has been refurbed, tape head cleaner and dusted out. Its still humming but 1950's units need tech above my skill sets & i'll pass it on for further inspection and perhaps a re-build soon. (2018- Sold after re-furb)

Connor & Riccardo (Rap artists) are looking for video producers on a budget for about half of what link-up TV charges, if you wish to contact I will forward details to the artists for their appraisal. They've recorded beats to a whole album but only 3 tracks in the EP so far & are looking to promote these as quick as possible.