Packard Ring "weapons"

In 2010 we made a record featuring Rupert Packard, his usual hat is a school teacher but he wrote this amazing song called "Put Your Weapons Down" A few months ago we undertook a review of the lyrics and the team and i focused on the line "Cause the streets are filled with rivers of blood, urban violence and modern disease" It rung 2 bells for us, The book of Enoch (a Fallen Angel and omitted from most libraries) and Enoch powells ****y speech in Birmingham causing delirium and paranoia and a real perception of threat from residents. The book Enoch was written 300 ish years before the New Testament and includes almost verbatim Ruperts lyric. It bothered us that the illusion he was creating could be aligned with a mega racist like Enoch Powell, but we did unlock a mystery as to why Enoch quoted verbatim, using the religious text to 'lean' on upright convictions of the religious community and underwriting insurance that these very cool minds would not instantly flare out and call him for what he was.
Also it didn't entertain me as much as the beat did when we recorded it. It floats as a song but i think people prefer their lyrics without blood curling quotes from school teachers.

Blackheath Postal Force

At first i thought, this is clinical nihilistic moneterising of single people for use as chemical dissolvents in an observant process of surmising reflections of Saal Eh Kaddin then i figured behest to what i thought i knew the most accurate interpretation was pink processing people to prevent duplication via ecumechanical means thus bypassing what is presumed as the metropolitan elite AKA wadds of money.


Drowning Water Bouys

Every now and again we get posted unknown character submissions using stories sourced mainly from the internet, life experiences, marriages, occasions, relationships and even holidays. I'd like to share this plot sent by @drowningwaterbouys entitled "I'm her father & I couldn't save her"

An imaginary plot

My Dad Michael had a quite strange set of acquaintances, the most prolific of these was Muhammad. Dad called Muhammed to attend his house for a burglary attempt planning session. Mike & Mo were going to pose as Jingle salesmen for UK based education firm and whilst visiting a magic shop adjacent from a bank they would smother the owner "John". When he was knocked unconscious they were to pull back the carpets and begin finding the trap door. They would call me (Poppy Marks) to crawl at a slow pace under the electric and plumbing lines to the bank where a quite well (but unknown to me) known persons deeds were kept and stacked in a vault. A pipe marked gas would need to be carefully crawled round without making any changes for want of setting off alarms.
Mike & Mo would need to pose as pretend engineers for the jingle group using different names so John would never find out their incredulous scheme before he was subdued. The Account box would have a label on it 4080120 inside next to the wilted deeds would be a rose pressed called a "stepsmegran" & i would need to promise that i would not take a whiff of it nor roll it into my pocket as a bonus.
Pocket the deeds place the box back in the vault crawl 103 or 104 yards up the pipe put the rugs back over the trap door, ensure John doesn't slip into a second row coma, exit the building a pawn the deeds to the fence tomorrow and then dad would buy a brand new camera for me with low light exposure waterproofing and all the extras printed in the press.

I guess when @drowningwaterbouys sent the plot to us he wished to remain anonymous because the note he left with it contained a sticked saying "unchecked, mostly noir themed, slight imbalance of grammar & increasing possibility of rewriting based from the policeman POV daily"

My reply was " thanks for the text, third person is hard . (i tried) i can empathise here, i'm confident that like me you'll just be pleased to know its been read and not forgotten, filed but not destroyed and thought of and not erased "


Snake Charming Semi tones

During a quiet time sitting with my cat & watching her tail & playing guitar, watching the tv about the Indonesian tsunami tragedy, we noticed a rare thing. her tail reacted to the guitar playing.
the islamic interval ie semi tone, caused her tail to rise higher, standard western notes as the main interval within the music left her tail in its normal rhythm, this led us to conclude the islamic motif's and Indian style intrigue animals greater than western.
For the Jews, the first temple featured music but after its destruction the second temple banned music during prayer. (or call to prayer) (Jewish music does focus upon the semi tone too, it is wedding gigs this is most often heard)(infact traditional music and the earliest Mesopotamian stones include these enchantments.

Aside from this, we strongly advise islam leaders to end Halal killing and use a less painful method to the livestock, & we hold their principals and our belief in the set of guidelines as holy.

Not to fast


" Okay you wash up, theres still bits on this plate

Your tea's not quite there yet

A question of truth & ethics....

The music industry is not well known for tenderness, single mindedness or frank honesty. Its charlatans, elaborated inaccurate prose and offsetting artists lifespan against employees lower down the food chain. Like a horror film, with people instead of monsters & set aboard a fictional ocean going vessel, you can never depart from.
It should come as no shock to learn a company using a similar name to mine was receiving recordings from management companies and solo artists, accompanied by grinding letters of recommendation and full of quotes & praise 'allegedly' from people working here. It is a noir feature of the industry, it is not often those within the media swing this fully around, offering in return forwarding letters explaining proposed re-recordings of these 'highly praised' sessions to be capitalised on within the genre but not to mention receiving them, but it's the Enfant terriblé of our universal interest of being first artist to pass the post.
I can't see it grinding many peoples gears, it is surprising how often a sentiment such as 'your unique' can be readily mis-calculated.