June 2018

Brief Footnote


USA Still life, 1/4 beat rest two quavers 1/8 beat rest

UK Still life , crotchet beat rest, two quavers quaver beat rest

Photo : Jason Puncheon

Little Big Mouth - Stumbling Block 2017

Little Big Mouth

Whilst browsing the net for an old friends band formed in the early 90's (but broke up before the naughties) I found Little big mouths 'Stumbling Block' written by Les Woodley featuring 3 musicians (himself ) Jonny Baker & Stephen Mynott. The folkish mandolin and eerily famous 16th note or semi quaver riffs subtly massaged using semi quaver rests, it is a quality we rarely hear in present day. Soloing at around the two and a half minute mark Les plays a fluid and repetitive dreamesque melody in a phrase that neatly sews 16 bars tightly together. To me the track would get filed under "Reggae Folk" Although in surmising lyrically the great list of needs required to overcome the mythological wall of this metaphor of Little Big Mouths 'Stumbling Block' calls for a beat two and beat four, or just a kick on beat one. My wish for any kind of percussion to be included in the 5 minute 10 seconds piece is more than likely just a nod to previous folkies 'Fairport Convention' Totally enjoyed it 8/10