February 2018

Brief recap of the 1980's music writing phenomenon

There is always some under the table operations in the music industry, usually and often down to everyone claiming rite of passage through the twelve semi tones. From the popularisation of swing and jazz in the 1930's which developed from the progression of Ziegfeld follies (USA) and the music halls in England through to the growth of recording venues with the development of technology in the late 1950's early 1960's, the phenomenon that most often springs to mind is the players / musicians of the 50's & 60's complete distaste of the 1980s technology explosion allowing technology and sequences (not sequence dancing!) to become validated as authentic musical creations and the most obvious transposition of nine tenths of the Motown catalog into chord sequences parts, and patterns, for Boy/Girl Bands soap stars and various number one hts(and if your from the 50's F*** in samplers !)

A Japanese created and fully affordable Akai series of samplers enabled cut and paste music irrespective of copyright ownership or length of time spent in musical education learning riffs, hooks or massaging melodies to carefully
(but not always successfully - the method was release the record and if there is a copyright ownership sending the company crazy, offer the company the total sum of royalties in exchange for the publicity and gamble on the follow up release to be just as successful )
Acknowledgement to writers whom may have steered your music and also your own personal contribution to the existing musical language were vastly ignored and the whole decade often felt like a running memoir to the huge extent of catalog already created in the 50's 60's 70's. Similar to punks infusion, no entry level was required to interpret the music as a genre or entity of catalog or like the book people use ' Huey Dewey deci-hell system'
This reminds me of a musician i know, his lad whom he used to call ' Stevie Wonder ' not cause he was blind , not cause he could play 1000s of tunes from memory or had been in a Rolls Royce driving to ' I Just Called " but as a Jab allegation to his sons admonishment for the 'in his opinion' lack of musical talent that existed in his 'age band'

No doubt that allegory to music of yesterday's year is familiar, when I meet people who like to reminisce over those tales of old i usually say "thanks but i'm off now" or begin that often ignored conversation " but he haircuts the huge regal bouffants and the ease in which it ………

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