June 2016

Bass Drum Microphone Placement

We have two different kinds of microphones for the bass drum, condenser or dynamic. The condenser a Neumann u47  ( recently used to record Punjabi vocal Rag) or akg 414 ( A BBC Standard ) produces a brighter & more open sound , the dynamic , a telefunken m82 , akg d112 or audix d6 produces a bassier darker sound.
A third option is avaialbe a Coles or STC (Standard Telephone Comms) ribbon microphone. These microphones produce a warm tone but due to sensitivity of the ribbon placement is limited.

Placement of the bass drum mic is very important. The basics for the correct placement of microphone is to record the desired amount of Beater click or thud  and bass drum tone.


With the inclement weather providing a dull background for meeting up with friends & getting out and about i've been in the studio programming the synths & delving into the endless menus of the Yamaha TX81z. Fm Synthesis took the subtractive system and began multiplying sine waves & other complex waveforms into fresh and exciting sounds. These include bells, metallic, crystal and hollow sounds . Taking on FM synthesis and feeling where a sound is leading is daunting and i have given up many times before but the last few days have been fruitful. The distortion points - where changing algorithm or operator wave creates distortion ( not pleasant overdrive but a harsh fuzzy distortion ) seems to be where i have begun to find my way. The volume of operators in FM really make a difference… Analog synths (subtractive) unless being modulated by each other ( cross-mod ) do not break up in this way , being much more familiar with subtractive synthesis this volume effects FM took a long while to grasp. The TX81z now has a further 2 presets in !


In the last fortnight we have been mixing the Truebelle's music. Focusing primarily on the song for their next video. On location yesterday, Grace, George, and Connor filmed shots for the nightclub scene & I played a drunk collapsed at the bar about to be sick. A challenging roll , I've not been a drinker for five years now and it took a while. More information about the Truebelles can be found on their website www.thetruebelles.com


Not been feeling very well , but the good news is everybody says they’ve got the same thing too! The GP gave me Loratadine nose spray & eye drops, they're very powerful & I feel like i'm breathing normally again. I played with the Faith Stealers Band for Beautiful Alice Fest ( www.beautifulalice.co.uk ) over the weekend, we play Mod covers from the 60's more info can be found www.thefaithstealers.co.uk several artists were displaying & the headliners were Natty ( www.nattymusic.com ).