June 2016


With the inclement weather providing a dull background for meeting up with friends & getting out and about i've been in the studio programming the synths & delving into the endless menus of the Yamaha TX81z. Fm Synthesis took the subtractive system and began multiplying sine waves & other complex waveforms into fresh and exciting sounds. These include bells, metallic, crystal and hollow sounds . Taking on FM synthesis and feeling where a sound is leading is daunting and i have given up many times before but the last few days have been fruitful. The distortion looms rapidly when - where changing algorithm or operator wave creates distortion ( not pleasant overdrive but a harsh fuzzy distortion ) seems to be where i have begun to find my way. The volume of operators in FM really make a difference… Analog synths (subtractive) unless being modulated by each other ( cross-mod ) do not break up in this way , being much more familiar with subtractive synthesis this volume effects FM took a long while to grasp. The TX81z now has a further 2 presets in !


Not been feeling very well , but the good news is everybody says they’ve got the same thing too! The GP gave me Loratadine nose spray & eye drops, they're very powerful & I feel like i'm breathing normally again. I played with the Faith Stealers Band for Beautiful Alice Fest ( www.beautifulalice.co.uk ) over the weekend, we played Mod covers ( 60's ) more info can be found www.thefaithstealers.co.uk