#TBartist Sue Conwell & Jackie

Sue and Jackie

Susannah's String group recorded amongst others the Karl Jenkins Classic Diamond Jingle "Palladio", ((featuring a somewhat slowed down version of the glockenschpiel riff from John Barry /Shirley Bassey composition from the OST of Diamonds are Forever))

#TBartist Seyi Martins

seyi martins

Seyi Martins recorded session drummer James Titchell here in our live room for her mini album. The rest of the instruments were tracked (& double tracked) in the songwriters studio in Twickenham. 2011

#TBartist Rupert Packard

Rupert Packard KEEPl

Rupert Packard was introduced to me by Natasha from the London School of Theology in Northwood Hills. A relentless and spiritual performer Ruperts 4 track ep was recorded in 2010 featured the lead single "Weapons" The EP comprised of Rupert playing Acoustic Guitar & piano with session musicians providing live drums, Bass & Guitars (all of which were recorded separately) in sessions that were recorded over a 2 month period. (Guitarist Johann Ting pictured in background)

#TBartist Perry Hood 'Ropes'


Another throw back this time to Americana, alt artist (Gaslight Anthem, Premiers & American Football)

Perry Hood

Perry from Royal Berkshire recorded a 4 track ep featuring 'Ropes' in 2008 his style then was acoustic guitar, looper & drum machine.

#TBartist Throwback to the Last Move Shaker recording

Move shaker KEEP

Only 6 years & 7 months ago Tara Robinson, James Titshall,Malcom Parker & David D’Andrade set up their equipment in our live room (Drums Guitars & Bass) and Tara recorded her vocals in the control room with me. Our session ran quite late as the bass player was coming by tube & delays etcetera , they recorded : Paperazzi , Brown Sugar , Rescue Me , Use Somebody , Summer 69 , New Shoes & Valerie.