Naming FT studio the full biography

The first sequencer I had was an internal Korg M1 workstation, I used to demo rhythms and programme bass parts to practice Jazz solos with and look into how far the one board could let me recreate the music I listened to. The piano sound was very distinctive I particularly remember it in silent movie soundtracks but I vaguely recall ever finishing the parts.
My interest in computers stems from late 1980s programming in C++ MS DOS or pascal. The first computer sequencer for me was the Voyetra on PC, the Atari magic Notator then Cubase, with which I remained for a very long time.

Looking at the computer keyboard and the piano keys I noticed a skyline phenomenon like central London, (Canary Wharf today — not yet built) or the capital cities in travel brochures. Going big time I could see large format mixing consoles also representing this townscape. Dwelling upon this I settled for promoting my musical recording skills under the name 'Funky Town Studio' there were no points to be gained in copying a Lipps inc title if the "Big theres only one of these thatters turned it into a shambles" I just admitted I liked the Lipps song but it had FA to do with why I chose the name, it was the architecture from the equipment.

As we promoted locally the adverts mainly drew in clients of a funk nature Hip Hop Rap and Jazz, we wanted to broaden this so we had a chat and shortened it to FT studio, the name as with Lipps fought the uniqueness of the financial times acronym but to be honest apart from a few musicians known as 'Bread Heads' the devils who would want cash on the gig and want it now and want more than their image was worth ( so the song goes) it wasn't bothering us and TBH i can't see anything bad about financial investment in the creative arts and i probably wouldn't get the plagiarists ripping my copy book for that.